Holy shit, I am so freaking out right now.

I had a really vivid dream—no, nightmare—that I woke up in the middle of. It was set in my neighborhood, like everything was perfect, I couldn’t see any differences or flaws. The only thing wrong was zombies.

Like there were zombies everywhere.

The plot of it was that of me waking up and going to get the mail and seeing all of these zombies. And of course they would see me and I’d be fucked. I tried to shut the door and lock it and run upstairs and hide, but they just kept coming and coming.

I had to jump out of my two-story bedroom window, which I don’t know how I survived, but I know that I hurt my leg in the process. And I fled, limping, but every one of my neighbors’ houses were filled with zombies and sometimes I saw corpses of my neighbors. With no success, I ended up breaking into and hiding in a really secluded and dark corner of my old elementary school and I just cried and cried.

Waking up from something like that, when it’s still so fresh in your mind and merely days after you gave a detailed explanation to a neighbor why a zombie apocalypse is plausible, and I had a really hard time convincing myself to get out of bed.

I had to go get the fucking mail, too, which really screwed with me because I stood at the front door for like ten minutes, trying to peer through the lace curtain and straining to listen for hissing or moaning or the screams of the living. It finally took a fucking car driving by to get me to realize that I wasn’t in the dream anymore. But still, I had the toughest time reaching out the door to the mailbox.

What’s even worse is that it’s been storming and gray and watery outside, so the whole ground floor feels really eerie and surreal.

What I really need is a nice, hot cup of peppermint tea and someone to sit next to me. My neighborhood is really quiet, so when it rains, there’s literally no signs of human life until maybe 5pm.

Eergh, help me.

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